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When Choosing a Dishwasher(6 Things Not To Miss)

Is Dishwasher Worth Buying


● Water and Electricity  

Most people turn away dishwashers because of wasting water and electricity. 
It should be known that the smart dishwasher recycles water in stages, and in each stage, the water is reused to save water. Actually Machine wash is more energy efficient. As everyone knows, for moderately contaminated tableware, at least 30L of water is required for a hand wash, while a dishwasher only needs 8-10L of water to wash a dish. This means that if you wash the dishes once, you can save about 22 liters of water, and you can save 8 tons of water in one year.

● Cost
In Dwash, the dish washing machine price range from 899 to 2299, the price varying with features. Aside from this, usage depends the operational costs, including detergent solution, electricity and water.

● Universal Appliance

Porcelain, glassware, melamine, stainless steel and dishwasher-safe plastic are safe to put in the dishwasher. In addition, only use items such as pressure cooker regulators,water bottles and strainers which are marked as dishwasher-safe.

● Pros

Dishwasher ensures a clean superior to a hand-wash, for the reason that the dished can be washed in a high -temperature, high-pressure environment. The temperature ranges from 45ºC to  90ºC, thus the cleaning process is good at cleaning the dry, heavily soiled dished.
The best part of the dish washer is that it can wipe off bacteria.A study by the University of Louisville School of Medicine revealed that dishes washed in the dish washers had an average of one bacterium per plate. Conversely, hand-washed dishes had an average of 390 per plate.

● Cons

Not all items are dishwasher-safe.
Burnt or charred vessels may require 2–3 washes to assume their original condition.
Running the dishwasher can add to electricity costs, although this may be offset by a reduction in the cost of manual labour.

● The final verdict

If you want to reduce your denpendency on the domestic help and save time on the time spent washing dishes, then a dishwasher may be a worthy addition to your kitchen. Besides, dishwasher can deliver cleaner, sterilised dishes and save water.

How To Choose a Dishwasher

For this question,you can visit our previous article for your reference

How Do a Dishwasher Work

Although there are various models for heating elements, filters and the location of the spay arms, dishwasher all generally have these similar parts. And a dishwasher has five stops it goes through when getting your dishes cleaned.

After finishing your meal, you need to load your dirty dishes, put in the soap and select the correct cycle, then the bottom of dishwasher begins to fill with water. If the water reaches a certain point, the float will rise to that water level and shut the fill valve off. The water will heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit with the heating element, so as to clean the dishes more efficient.

2.Pumping and Spraying
A pump will take the heated water from the basin of the dishwasher to the spary arm,  then the water is forced through small holes in the spray arms at high pressure, spraying warm water onto the dishes. This food is washed in highly pressurized water sprays onto the dishes, getting rid of stuck on footo a filter so it won't get reused and pumped into a spray arm. That’s why you need to regular wash your filter properly , otherwise the food will get pumped onto the spray arm, reducing the effectiveness of the dishwasher.

3.Cleaning with Detergent
After a few rotations of the spray arms, the detergent will fall out and mix with the water, boosting the cleaning power. But dont use anyting detergent that your dishwasher don’t approve, otherwise the soap may casuse subs to overflow. Also don’t use too much detergent, to avoid the damage of the glassware.

4.Rinsing and draining
The spray arms will continue to spray water that is being warmed by the basin's heating element. This water will rinse off of the detergent and any leftover food that is on the dishes. After the cycle is over, the dirty dishwater is drained by a pump out of the drain line. Sometimes this dirty water is pumped to the sink's drain line.

5.Dry cycle
The heating element in the basin of the dishwasher raises the temperature in the dishwasher to turn the remaining water into steam, which is then vented out of the appliance.

How Long Do Dishwashers Last

Dishwashers will last between 8 to 15 years and it has an average life expectancy of 10 year.  With a careful use and reular maintenance routine, the dishwash is much more likely to reach sixteen-year.

How To Make Your Dishwasher Last Longer

Here are the factors that most affect a dishwasher’s lifespan:

1. Frequency of use 

more use means more wear. If you runs your dishwasher less, the you need repair less.  


not all dishwashers are created equal. Investing in a dishwasher from a brand-name manufacturer is an investment in top-quality parts. Such a machine may last longer than a cheaper model. High-quality dishwashers are also quieter and waste less water.

3. Maintenance 

a clean machine runs smoothly. Occasionally cleaning out your fully automated dish washer can prevent build up, making it last longer than a neglected dishwasher.
● Before loading your dishes, you need to scrape off bones, toothpicks, and other solid items. These hard bits can clog the drain hose, tear the filter, or damage the pump.
● Clean the filter regularly, otherwise the food will get pumped onto the spray arm, reducing the effectiveness of the dishwasher.
● Degunk the door seal. As needed, use a rag and white vinegar to clean the seal between the dishwasher door and the tub, where residue and food particles collect. Buildup can cause odors, lead to mold growth, and potentially keep the door from sealing properly.
● Remove hard-water residue. A citric-acid-based dishwasher cleaner is a good choice to remove hard-water film from your dishwasher.

What Is The Best Dish Washer For 2021

【Noise Level】 Kitchen often tends to be open layout, and near the family rooms, therefore that’s not a wise decision to buy a noisy dishwasher. You want to be able to operate your dishwasher and still have use of the kitchen and dining area while it operates. Normally the volume of the normal conversation is around 55-65 dB, and the volume of the quiet libarry is 40 dB. So you ideally choose the one between these two ranges.

【Control Panel 】The control panel can be located on the top of the door or the front of the dishwasher. A front control model is beneficial to monitor the operational process, but you may press the button accidentally and change the cleaning progress. While the top-control model can make the equipment looks sleek through hiding the control, but you won’t be able to check the cleaning process conveniently.

【Space】 The type of dishwasher you purchase depends on the layout of your space. If you have enough space to place a full-size dishwasher which can be connected to your water system perfectly, then you may need a build-in dishwasher.
If you don’t have enough space, then you may need a portable or countertop dishwasher. The portable dishwasher usually hook up to the faucet of the kitchen, and counterttop dishwash has a drawer design.

Depending on the layout of your space, you can purchase freestanding dishwashers, built-in dishwasher or the countertop dishwasher. Here are some models for your reference.

1. To Europe & US market

6 place settings house cleaning dish washer is no doubt to be classic models, but as we introduce more mini dishwasher to them: 3 settings dishwashers (EU standard) and 2 settings dishwashers(US standard), making a new high margin to end wholesales, we trust hot sales trends keep good in 2021. Below is dishwasher mini for sale:

URL: 6 Place Settings Automatic Counter top Dish washer Kitchen Appliance WQP6-8207
FEATURES-Mini Portable Dishwasher
+ 6 Place Settings Countertop Dishwasher
+ LED Display
+ Touch Button
+ Easy Installation
+ Popular Design
+ Plastic Front Door

2. To Japan & Korea market

Dishwasher portable 4 place settings with water tank is HOT SALE. Water tank means FREE installation, this kinds of dishwashers very fit for small house in Japan & Korea.

URL:4 Place Settings Dishwasher Portable Dishwasher WQP4-6204 China Kitchen Dishwasher
+ 4 Place Settings Portable Dishwasher
+ 1~24Hours Delay Start
+ Child Lock
+ LED Display
+ Touch Button
+ Easy Installation
+ Transparent Window

3.To South East Asia market

Of course, dishwasher machine is considered to be big home appliance to Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia...etc like dishwasher in built-in design, 8 settings most.

URL:Built-in 8 place settings Dish Washing Machine WQP8-9303HM Light Wooden Decoration
+ 8 Place Settings Dish Washing Machine
+ 1~24Hours Delay Start
+ Child Lock
+ LED Display
+ Touch Button
+ Easy Installation
+ Glass Front Door
+ Strong Wash
+ Fashion Design With Light Wooden Decoration

4. To India Market

Due to city lockdown in India, automatic dishwasher go into consumer’s eyes, they want to have dishwashers to do housework stead of do by themselves. That’s why sales shoot up in India. Freestanding of 8 settings dishwasher is the most suitable dishwasher for india. We BEST also have 8 settings freestanding dishwasher, better design and excellent clean and dry performance, help us to explore market in India.

URL:8 Place Settings Free Standing WQP8-9205 Dishwasher Freestanding
+ 8 Place Settings Dishwasher Freestanding Design
+ 1~24Hours Delay Start
+ Child Lock
+ LED Display
+ Touch Button
+ Easy Installation
+ Fashion Design
+ Strong Wash

More details about this dishwasher:



The overall message here, is that there is so much research and investigating that goes into purchasing a washing dishes machine. This guide here has a lot of information but is not limited to the many more features you should look into! The dishwasher you choose will affect the overall appearance and functionality of your kitchen, making them one of the most important design considerations. Do some research and decide the  proper features you would use, and which ones are just bells and whistles you don’t need.
Regardless of what you decide in your final purchase, we hope this information will help you find the best dishwasher for your home and family. All that’s left now is to go out there and find the best deal. Good luck!

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