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Dishwasher sales suddenly increase sharply in India

While Bosch-Siemens says it has met its monthly dishwasher sales targets in a week’s time, LG says it has seen a 400-500% surge in demand for the appliance.

If there is one chore most people hate, it is washing dishes. With the lockdown forcing everyone to do all chores at home themselves, many are turning to technology for help. A result of this is a spike in purchase of one household appliance, that was otherwise rare in Indian households: A dishwasher.

With lockdown restrictions control again, many consumer durable stores extends the sales not only in stores but sell online gradually , that strengthen a dramatic increase in the sale of dishwashers.

Voltas Beko, another major brand in dishwashers, the 8 place settings dishwasher freestanding design from this brand becomes best seller in India, always sell out of stock.

We BEST have 8 settings freestanding dish washer too, better fashion designs with patents, excellent performance, makes our dishwashers becomes popular by India customers. 

Our agent in India say: your appearance of  built-in dishwashers and freestanding dishwashers are outstanding, looks better than BEKO, get dishes comes out clean and dry. We are easy to recommend our customers.
Now not only OEM of dishwashers is welcome, we have dish washer machine experts from MIDEA who delicate themselves in R&D over 10 years, helping you to do dishwasher into CKD/SKD, get a rapid cost down.