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Dishwasher vs Hand Washing


You might think washing dishes in the sink uses less water than washing them in the dish washer machine- but does it really ? If you think giving up the dishwasher to wash by hand in the sink is going to cut down on water use, you might need to go through this article and think again.

It may be hard to believe, but using a new-ish dishwasher is more efficient than traditional hand-washing techniques. Also a dishwasher is a greener choice than hand washing your dishes, so put away the sponge and take a look at the below data.

Washing by hand

● Water used on average: 40 litres
● Energy used per load: 0.26 kWh
● Time spent loading and unloading the dishes: 60 minutes



Dish washer machine

● Water used on average: 7 litres
● Energy used per load: 0.67 kWh
● Time spent loading and unloading the dishes: 15 minutes

We compared water, electricity and time consumption between using a dishwasher and washing dishes by hand and came up with the above figures.
With 45 minutes, saved per load with a dishwasher, this gives you 210 hours of free time or 23 vacation days per year! You also save around 9200 litres of water per year which lets you have 5 more showers per week.

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● save water

When the dishwasher is operating, the dishwasher is constantly spraying water, and seems that  it is impossible to save water and energy with the the dishwasher. However, the energy-efficient dishwashers generally use less water than washing by hand, because the recirculating pump of dishwasher sprays a small amount of water all over the place. Thus the pump energy and the water heating energy of dishwasher is quite minor.

●  save energy

You may need to make hot water with the water heater for you to wash dishes, but dishwasher is equipped with the heaters inside, which is more efficient than your water heater. A research shows that if the dishwasher is Energy Star certified, then it can use less than half the energy of washing dishes by hand.


Before you put the dishes into the small dish washer, do not rinse by hand. According to Consumer Reports, prerinsing wastes more than 6,000 gallons of water per household every year. The modern dishwasher can deal with bits of food and your dishes can get clean as long as you scrape the big stuff into the trash.   


Compared to hand washing, your dishwasher is always going to be the more environmentally friendly option. So put away your sponge and enjoy the Netflix show. Dwash is dishwasher supplier in China, and we provide china dishwashers, include tabletop dishwashers,counter top dish washer,  in sink dish washer,built-in dishwasher, freestanding dish washer, dish washer for home, dishwasher mini.