Enjoy Your Kitchen With BEST Dishwashers

Does the interior of the dishwasher need to be cleaned?

1. Clean the internal scale.

The interior of the ordinary dishwasher is made of stainless steel, and the exterior is polished, which is convenient for draining the dirt during cleaning. But if it is used for a long time, it will cause scale on the surface. At this time, you can put two spoons of citric acid in the dispenser and run it again for cleaning. For example: If the dishwasher is not used for more than five days, it is recommended to run the machine empty once. In this way, even if you continue to use it without washing, the dishwasher will be repeatedly washed with high temperature hot water under the action of dishwashing powder, and then sterilized before it can be used safely, and the tableware can also be used with confidence.

2. Clean the shower arm of the dish washing machine.

Clean the spray arm hole, clean the inner tank, the water cup and the drain port to avoid clogging.


3. Clean the filter.

The filter is mainly composed of a main filter, a coarse filter and a micro filter. It mainly affects the cleaning effect. It should be cleaned regularly once a week. The cleaning method is very simple. Just remove the filter and pour the residue in the trash can. It's okay, and finally flush it under the tap.

4. Clean the door and outside.

To clean the door or the door side, use a rag to clean it. It should be noted not to flush with water, so as to avoid water rushing into the gap of the door lock and thus wet the electrical components. Also try not to use steel wire or hard objects to clean, so as to avoid scratches or rust after scratches.

The wide application of dishwashers provides a variety of conveniences. For example, the fully automatic cleaning function of washing dishes, sterilizing, drying, disinfecting, and storing in one step makes the kitchen simple.