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How to Build Kitchen Island with Sink and Dishwasher?

When you use your home kitchen for a while, you may come up with a crazy and interesting idea----build a kitchen island to improve your efficiency in the kitchen. However, what should we do, if our kitchen has a home dishwasher and sink?

The Popular Configurations

First, before building the kitchen island, you should decide which type of kitchen sink you want to build. There are 4 types of the popular kitchen island.

An All-Inclusive Island with Kitchen Cabinet Dish Washer

As its name suggests, an all-inclusive island will service a larger, bustling kitchen. An all-inclusive island covers preparing, cooking, cleaning, and eating functions. If you have a large kitchen (more than 200 square feet), the conditions of your kitchen allow you to make an all-inclusive island.

The kitchen cabinet dish washer would be the best dishwasher on the all-inclusive island because its build-in design doesn’t make the kitchen space more compact. However. If you don’t have at least nine feet to work with, you had better simplify your kitchen layout.

A Kid-Friendly Island with Home Kitchen Dishwasher with Child Lock

If you want to build a kitchen island that is a comfort zone for family connection, entertainment, and learning. With proper design, a two-foot by four-foot island could meet your family’s needs. You also should leave at least three feet of surrounding space.
home kitchen dishwasher
This three-feet of space should only cover one major function: cleaning, preparing, or cooking. On this type of island, you also should choose the kitchen dishwasher which has a child lock to keep safety risks away from your children. If your child is under 1 year, you also should equip a baby bowl washer to maintain the hygiene of the baby bowls.

A Minimalist’s Island with Built-in Dishwasher

Minimalists appreciate the island as an organizing and striking focal point in the kitchen, pared down to the essentials. In this style, you also should place the built-in dishwasher inside the island to hide the dishwasher's obvious existence, which makes your kitchen space more clear and organized.
built-in dishwasher

Movable Kitchen Island with Counter Dishwasher

If your small kitchen does not have enough place to construct a built-in island, you could choose to build a movable kitchen island. A movable kitchen island, kitchen counter dish washer both make your kitchen has more available space to move and operate. Furthermore, if you don't need to use the dishwasher temporarily, you could move the kitchen counter dishwasher.  Take an instance, you could use a 2.5x1.5x3 feet kitchen cart as a movable cart to store the food. 

The Procedure of Building A Kitchen Island with A Sink and Dishwasher

After understanding the basic styles of the kitchen islands, it’s time to know the procedure of building a kitchen island with a sink and dishwasher. I will illustrate how to build a kitchen island step by step.

Make a List of the Materials

Before building the kitchen island, you should make a list of materials, in case of a lack of the building material.
●Sanding equipment and supplies

●Wooden board or fiberboard

●Base cabinets with back panel
●Countertop materials

●Industrial adhesive

●Tape and pencil

●Wood Blocks

●Power drill




Assemble the Cabinets

A designed and built-in kitchen island would limit the ways you want to build. But if you take the whole responsibility of the entire kitchen project on your own, you could make the kitchen island as you want. The custom service in cabinets is the second-best choice. Size and shape are both important factors in your custom cabinet. These two factors determine whether your cabinets could fit your island.

Different cabinet manufactures have different island designs. You should firstly make the proper and right arrangement on the cabinet space and parts. Otherwise, you may encounter trouble painting inside cabinets.

Then you should set up a toe-kick separately. You should use industrial adhesive for sticking it to the kitchen floor. Once the attachment becomes rigid, you should place the cabinet inside the toe-kick.

Paint the Cabinet

After finishing the assembling of the cabinets, you have to encounter the most challenging task----painting. Before you do so, you have to grind the coarse surface of the cabinets. You should paint the matching color between the cabinet body and the toe-kick.

Place the Countertop

Okay, it’s time to set up the countertop right over the cabinet. In this step, you should be aware that bear the size of the sink in mind and pierce the countertop according to its size. Don’t forget to leave proper space for your dishwasher and sink.

Install Water

After the proper placement of the countertop, it’s time for the water supply issue. First, you place the sink and dishwasher on the surface of the kitchen island and install a pipe for them to make sure water supply in these two kitchen appliances. Before the installation, you also should check whether the water can rightly through the pipe and reaches successfully to the sink and dishwasher.

Give the Finishing Touch

After finishing the building of the kitchen island, you should clean the surface of the kitchen island and make the kitchen island organized.


Building a kitchen island is a huge project, not to mention the kitchen dishwasher and sink. However, a kitchen island is an integral part of the modern home and makes the household works easier with a home dishwasher and sink. If you are finding the best home electric dishwasher, Dawash, China professional dishwasher supplier and exporter, would give the fabulous and excellent automatic dishwasher.