Enjoy Your Kitchen With BEST Dishwashers

How to choose a dishwasher correctly?

1. When purchasing a dishwasher, you must first consider safety, and then consider the type and specification of the dishwasher. There are four washing methods for dishwashers: impeller type, jet type, leaching type and ultrasonic type.


2. The dishwasher has more functions. General household dishwashers only need to have the functions of washing, rinsing, drying and automatic programs. However, you can also purchase a dishwasher with functions such as fast washing, flushing, rinsing, and rotating spray. This type of machine has the advantages of clean washing, safe and reliable, and self-circulation, but its price is relatively more expensive. In recent years, dishwashers with microcomputer control, bubble pulsating water flow, dual rotating spray arms, and sensor detection have also been introduced on the market. Therefore, consumers can choose according to their own needs.

3. There are two types of dishwasher cabinet doors, which are divided into front opening type and uncovering type. Uncover type dishwashers are inconvenient to pick and place tableware, and the space on the top cannot be fully utilized. For front-opening dishwashers, when the cabinet door is opened, the basket can be easily pulled out, making it very convenient to pick and place tableware. Therefore, from the perspective of ease of use, if there are no special requirements, a front-opening dishwasher is generally chosen.