Enjoy Your Kitchen With BEST Dishwashers

How to choose a dishwasher

A dish washing machine is a machine used to clean dishware and cutlery automatically. With the development of the technology and the living standard, the demand of the dish washer have increased these years. Purchasing a dish washer is a huge finanacial commitment that, when made well, will save your effort, time and money. This guide is meant to help you understand what’s available in the market and how to pick the right dish washer. Before you purchase the dishwasher, the following factors should be taken into account:

1) Quiet Performance

Kitchen often tends to be open layout, and near the family rooms, therefore that’s not a wise decision to buy a noisy dishwasher. You want to be able to operate your dishwasher and still have use of the kitchen and dining area while it operates. Normally the volume of the normal conversation is around 55-65 dB,  and the volume of the quiet libarry is 40 dB. So you ideally choose the dish washer machine home between these two ranges.

2) Cleaning Performance
All stylish design, durability, and special functions don’t mean much if your dish washer cannot operate efficiently. Nowadays there are lots of smart dishwashers ranging from cheap to expensive, which can provide the cleaning power you want. However, you’ll see lots of extra functions in the market which can enhance the cleaning power for a more depenable and thorough dish cleaning. For example, some dish washers have functions like a concentrated wash sprayer or have power-spraying cycles.

3) Drying Performance
It’s a frustrating experience that you find the dishes still soaked after the cleaning. Most cost-effective dish washers use plastic tub, but unfortunately, these tubs cannot heat up to lead to evaporative and condensation. The most leading and energy-efficient drying techonology is the use of a stainless stell tub. These stainless steel tub allow for the condensation-based drying that won’t melt the plastic, but it helps a lot to remove the moisture from the water. By the way, it is also crucial for us to arrange the dishes properly.

Portable Dish Washer dishwasher from Dwash - China Dish Washer Machine Supplier

4) Cycles

Brands have distinct names for their cycles, but most offer a universal set of related cycles for specific tasks. It's worth nothing that cycles don’t mean a dishwasher is of higher quality. What you need is the useful cycle, ones with a purpose. Quality over quantity. The crucial thing is to have enough cycles to meet your personal needs:

● Normal Cycle
The most advanced and energy-efficient drying technique is the use of a stainless steel tub. These stainless steel walls allow for condensation-based drying that won’t melt plastics or bake on food, but work wonderfully to remove moisture from dishes at the end of each cycle.

● Quick Cycle
This cycle uses more and higher-temperature water for around one hour or less. It works wonderfully to clean dishes with an average level of soiling at a fast speed .

● Heavy Cycle
Sometimes called "Pots&Pans" cycle. This cycle is suitable for heavily soiled dishes , such as pots and pans that have sticky, dry dirt. Normally, this cycle uses more time and more water at higher temperatures to clean the dishes.

●Auto Cycle
Dishwashers with integrated soil sensors offer this option. It is very popular, quickly becoming a standard feature as more modern models are released. The sensor detects the soil level from the water and decides the washing time, intensity, and heat temperature. Brands use different names like “Sensor Wash,” “Smart Wash,” etc. It is a very efficient option if you have mixed dishes and cannot decide on a washing cycle.

●Energy Saving
This cycle uses less water and energy. Meanwhile, the water temperature is not very high. The duration is usually longer or equal to regular “light cycles” which are similar and used for lightly soiled dishes.

●China & Crystals
This cycle is for protecting your valuable, delicate china & crystal glassware. It uses a less intense spray, similar to a “light wash”. Don’t worry if your dishwasher doesn’t have this option-- a gentle cycle like “light wash” does the same job.

This cycle is designed to kill bacteria on the dishes by using very high-temperature water. This function is based on the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements that state you can remove more than 99% of bacteria with water that's 150 degrees F or hotter.

●Steam Wash
Steam cycles are especially effective on dry soiling. Steam makes the soil softer so that cleaning will be easier. Some producers use additional steam generators for this option.

Except for the wash cycles, there are also custom wash options that you can select to add more drying time, heat and more adjustments.

●High Temperature
Sometimes called the “Extra Hot” option, this option makes your washing cycle hotter than normal. It’s excellent when you see harder, baked-on dirt, and soiling on the dishes.

If you want your dishes to be cleaned when you’re not at home, the Delay option is here for you. You can set the starting time and delay between 1-24 hours for the start of the wash cycle.

●Half Load
This option is for washing only the top or bottom rack. Some manufacturers set this option as “top rack only,” and some China dish washers manufacturers make it selectable between top or bottom rack washes. It is excellent when you have a small number of dishes in need of cleaning.

This cycle involves heaters working at higher temperatures for a longer time to get super dry results. Manufacturers have different drying processes, and for condensation drying, this option sometimes adds a fan when there is no heater.

5) Efficient Interior Design & Stainless Tub

If your budget permits, purchasing electric dishwasher with the Ergonomic design can helps you to put more dishes in the same space. Thoughtful fabricators provides the smart arrangement of tines and tracks, to enable closely-packed dished. Due to the leading technique of the spray arms and nozzles. Meanwhile, you need to check the manual book to learn how to load it optimally.

This plays an important role in a thorough cleaning, mainly when it takes into account the placement and orientation of nozzles and spray arms. Most quality dishwashers will also feature foldable tines, allowing you to place large items on the lower or upper rack and create custom arrangements of your dishes.

But don’t buy a dish washer without looking inside first. You need to know how to customize and adjust your interior space and its interior material of the tub. Normally tub is made by plastic or stainless steel.
A stainless steel tub may increase the operation cost, but it is more durable, and easy to maintain,plus it’s less likely to stain. That being said,a plastic tub is more cost-effective, it won’t affect the cleaing power but the drying capability.If you are willing to clean the plastic tub from time to time, it might be a available and cheaper alternative.

6) Reliability, Maintenance & Installation

·A stainless steel tub of compact dishwasher is more durable than plastic tub, and easy to maintain,plus it’s less likely to stain, that is why it last longer than plastic tub.

·Ensure that your dish washers is installed correctly-improperly placed drain pumps can become clogged and damage your dishwasher.

·Regular maintenance and necessary cleaing makes your machine last longer, especially the filters. High quality detergent is also crucial.

·If your dishwasher doesn’t feature an integrated disposal system, it’s significiant to remove major soiling before loading dishes to keep particles from clogging and damaging the wash arms or drain.

·Hard water is another culprit of dishwashers wearing quickly. If you are in the area with hard water, then a water softener can ensure an extended life.

7) Energy Efficiency

Many manufactures of the dish washers add extra functions, such as soil-sensing cycles, half-load options, and speed wash or eco-wash cycles.An energy-efficient dish washer has a positive impact on the environment.

In general, the most crucial thing is that the commercial dishwasher or home dishwasher you select is within your budget and suffice all your requirements. You need to do the research and confirm the features you would use or you don’t need. Regardless of what you decide in your final purchase, we hope this article will help you find the best dishwasher for your home and family.