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How to choose your dishwashers 2020?

Buying the wrong dishwasher can mean years of trouble: it takes hours to wash the dishes, the whole process requires making rackets, and you may eventually have to wash away stubborn stains by hand. If you are sure you want to buy a dishwasher that can really do the job, please consider the following features and specifications first.

Washing and drying
Obviously, you need a powerful dishwasher to remove all stains. You also need to consider how dry the bowls are: most dishwashers leave a few drops of water here and there, but the best thing is not to drip water on the bowls after the entire program is completed

Number and length of dishwasher cycles
Dishwashers have more programmability, and if you need to run the quick wash function or delay it for a few hours, the more functions it becomes. In addition, the "normal" cycle for one dishwasher may be three hours, while for other dishwashers it may take one and a half hours.

Dishwasher noise
Running the dishwasher can indeed put a shock absorber on movie nights. Although the delayed mode helps to run the dishwasher at a more suitable time, there is nothing like running the dishwasher and forgetting to be there. Most manufacturers measure noise in adjusted decibels-if you can, I suggest you look for a model with a clock frequency of 58 dBA or lower.

In this special COVID-19 environment, the disinfection function of the dishwasher should be carefully considered when buying a dishwasher, which helps to protect yourself and relax.

The best value-for-money dishwasher: BEST

1. Dishwasher installed in 4 places
A mini table dishwasher with water tank is provided, which is very suitable for rental/airBNB/RV/small families.

2. Dishwasher installed in 6 places
Classic design in the European Union and the United States, two installation methods, countertops and built-in options. Patented various appearances, plastic front door and glass front door are available.

3.8 Place Dishwasher
Built-in and free-standing designs, there are plastic front doors and glass front doors to choose from.

All dishwashers produced by BEST have excellent performance, low noise, different washing procedures (from 2 to 3 hours to 25 minutes of rapid washing), the highest temperature of 70 degrees can kill bacteria, and the PTC heater achieves perfect dry.