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How to measure a dishwasher

Before you install the kitchen dish washer, a precise measurement is required. Most dish washing machines are standard and there is little variation in width, depth, and height across most models, so as to fit more families. However, we can ignore this problem, otherwise we can not put the dishwasher under the cabinet, or we just can purchase a small one which can not hold  a dinner’s worth of dirty plates, and glasses. In this article, we will give you a detailed tutorial to you about the measuring method of the dish washing machines.

● Measure Height

About the height of the cabinet opening, you have to take several measurements to get an accurate result. The measurement should be taken with a tape measure, simply measure from the floor to the underside of the cabinet space on both the right side and the left side.

● Measure the Width

To ensure the maximum width of your dishwasher, you need to measure the width with a ruler or a tape measure. From left to right side of the cabinet opening, and do the same measurement from the top of the opening to the bottom of the opening. Warmly reminder: choose the smaller measurement if there is difference between the dimension, because the width of the dish washer is flexible.

● Measure the Depth

You can determine how deep your dishwasher can fit within your cabinet opening by measuring the depth from the back wall toward the front of your cabinets. Noted that you need to ensure enough room to open the door and unload, at least 21 inches to 27 inches.


It’s necessary for you to know how to measure a dishwasher, and it will be more accurate if you can measure twice. Hopefully that you can choose the dishwasher with the suitable dimensions for you after reading this article. Want a customized dish washer machine? Don't hesitate to contact us - Dwash is one of the built-in dishwasher manufacturers in China