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The Introductory Knowledge of Dishwasher

What’s Dishwasher?

A dishwasher, just as the name implies, is a wash dishes machine used to clean dishes automatically. In the beginning, it was mostly used in restaurants and hotels. It improved the efficiency of the cooking staff and improved sanitation.
With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people are beginning to try to use dishwashers. Now, a variety of small dishwashers are already on the market and are gradually entering ordinary households.


What the Dishwasher can give us?

 Using a dishwasher can save water and save your time.

You will not spend more water by using a dishwasher compared to washing by hand, this has been shown by many different studies. Besides, one important advantage of the home dishwasher is that it can save you plenty of time.

 Simple operation, easy to get started. 

The operation process of the dishwasher machine is relatively simple. Press the button to start the work immediately and end automatically.

 With a certain sterilization function. 

The dishwasher will simply heat your dishes to quite high temperatures and bacteria can be efficiently removed due to that.

 Save you from repetitive mechanical work.

Avoid duplication of washing work, so that you have more time to do what you like.

 Especially helpful for big families.

The dish washer for home, no need to waste a lot of time washing dishes, making your life easier.

The different types of Dishwashers?

 Build-in Dishwasher

This type of dishwasher can help you save kitchen space and is the most commonly used type of dishwasher on the market.
Dish Washing Machine WQP8-9303HM Light
● 8 Place Settings Dish Washing Machine
● 1~24Hours Delay Start
● Child Lock
● LED Display
● Touch Button
● Easy Installation
● Glass Front Door
● Strong Wash
● Fashion Design With Light Wooden Decoration

 Portable Dishwasher: 4 Place Settings Dishwashers - Countertop

It is a free-standing dishwasher that can be moved easily. If you move frequently, this is your best choice.
WQP4-6203 Dishwasher Mini
● 4 Place Settings
● Touch Button
● Easy Installation
● Fashion Design

 Tabletop Dishwasher

It is the most classic and the most economical among all types of dishwashers because it saves water compared to other dishwashers.
Tabletop Dishwasher WQP6-8204Y1
●Tabletop Dishwasher 6 Place Settings
● 1~24Hours Delay Start
● Child Lock
● LED Display
● Touch Button
● Easy Installation
● Glass Front Door

 Drawer Dishwasher

The drawer-type dishwasher can be pulled out like a drawer of a table, the difference is that it needs to be customized according to the size.

 Integrated Dishwashers

The integrated dishwasher is a kind of built-in dishwasher, which needs to be customized according to the cabinet, and the control panel is hidden on the top of the door so that the dishwasher can seamlessly integrate with the rest of the cabinet.

 Different markets have different demands for dishwashers

For example, 4 Place Settings Dishwashers fit for Japan & Korea, 6 Place Settings Dishwashers fit for Europe& US market, 8 Place Settings Dishwashers are suitable for the Indian market.

Factors to consider when purchasing:


You must first consider safety when buying a dishwasher, and choose a reliable brand.


It is best to consider whether the running program is smooth, whether the switching is flexible, and whether there is a relevant certification.

 Types and Specifications

Choose different types of dishwashers according to needs and household capacity.


It is sufficient for a dishwasher in a general household to have the functions of washing, drying, and automatic programs. In addition, some dishwashers have more advanced functions such as fast washing, but the price is relatively more expensive.

 Outward Appearance

Whether you need a beautiful and generous dishwasher, make a specific choice according to your hobbies and requirements.


This article aims to let you know some introductory knowledge of dishwashers.
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