Enjoy Your Kitchen With BEST Dishwashers

Will your dishwashers kill COVID-19?

We’re living in quite a different world right now. Under normal circumstances, what’s the proper way to clean your dishes?

Whether you’re washing dishes by hand or in a smart dishwasher, it’s important to make sure that the soap comes into contact with all surfaces of the dish to properly clean it.

In the dishwasher, this means avoiding overcrowding and loading the dishes, so that the water source, which is typically in the center of the machine, is able to reach and spray each dish.

Actually dishwasher is much better by hand washing from we BEST research & designs.

1. Dishwasher Basket

We design the basket to properly put dishes in dishwashers, stop & bottom sprayers wash plates 360 degree with no dead corners by strong water pressure. 

2. Do dishwashers kill viruses?
The answer is definitely Yes. Viruses can be killed after high temperature flushing.
Special heating elements to make high temperature flushing at 70 ℃, the sterilization rate can reach 99.99%
BEST design 2:

3. UV lamp disinfection

UV lamp disinfection in option, to kill virus once again. High temperature + UV lamp, double guarantee for disinfection effect:
· After the machine finishes the program, it will turn on the UV lamp     
· for disinfection.
· Disinfection every four hours for 10 minutes
· The UV light wave will break the RNA and DNA strands of  bacteria and microorganisms, affect them lose the ability to reproduce to achieve disinfection effects.
BEST design 3:

4. Fan-assisted heat drying available

Adding a hot air blower system inside the machine, it can blow hot air to the inside of the machine during the drying phase to dry the tableware. The standby state starts to update the internal air of the machine to prevent mold and odor inside the machine.
BEST design 4:

We think more than you to protect yourself from COVID-19, we cares your healthy, we cares your time, we cares what your care.chinese portable dishwasher
It’s more clean to wash your plates and cutlery by hands. Trust you will need our customized kitchen dishwasher expecially during COVID-19.