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WQP4-6203 Dishwasher Mini

+ 4 Place Settings
+ Touch Button
+ Easy Installation
+ Fashion Design

+ Table Top Dishwasher Mini Design
+ 58 dBA
+ A+ Energy Efficiency Class
+ Indicator Light
+ 5 Washing Programs: Heavy/ Normal/ ECO/ Glass/ Rapid
+ Optional Functions: Interior Light/ Self-priming/ Top Sprayer/ Fan-assisted Drying/ UV Lamp Disinfection are available for this Dishwasher Mini Design

+ Dishwasher Mini  Machine Product Dimension(WxDxH, mm): 440x413x424
+ Dishwasher Mini  Machine Packing Dimension(WxDxH, mm): 474x446x460
+ Dishwasher Mini  Machine Loading Quantity(20’/40’/40’HQ): 298/623/625

+ This Dishwasher Mini Machine is small dish washers, fit for Family/ Rental/ RV/ AirBNB/ Coffee Shop

Know more about this dishwasher mini machine
  • 【QUALITY CONTROL NOTE】 All dishwasher mini machine are factory tested to ensure proper operation As a result it is normal for small amounts of residual water to be found in the unit
  • 【COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN】 This dishwasher mini machine is a space-saving design, which is compact to take little space, and easy to carry anywhere. The dishwasher mini machine can hold 2~4 sets of tableware(depends on different countries standard), It is perfect for small-sized houses, dorms, apartments, campers, RV, moveable cabinet and more
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】 This dishwasher mini machine supports 2 water supply modes, including a faucet mode and water tank mode; a inlet hose simply connect between from faucet and the dishwasher mini machine to get water into the machine, another supply modes is using the water tank with a 7.5 L water tank when fully filled, the indicator light lets you know when the water tank is full.
  • 【FIVE WASHING MODES】This dishwasher mini machine features 5 washing modes (Intensive, Normal, Rapid, Glass, ECO ) to choose from. Strong wash with 360° all-around and deep cleaning. And the water temperature can be as high as 158°F to achieve disinfection effect. Of course you can define the washing modes, because we have our software engineer
  • 【DIVERSITY FUNCATIONS】This dishwasher mini machine has unique additional functions in option, you can choose them to add it into the dishwasher mini machine to make it different from the dishwasher mini machine in current market. It can help you to get good selling point. Please contact us to know more.
  • 【INTELLIGENTIZED SYSTEM】This dishwasher mini machine soften water system makes the tableware cleaner(depend on countries), prevents scaling inside the machine, and effectively extend the life of the machine. 360 degree rotary spray system can wash every corner of the machine, so that stains have nowhere to hide; 70℃ high temperature makes the sterilization rate be as high as 99.99%